Collection: Huddy Buddies Wool Slippers

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"How it all started: Every mother knows that when you first have a baby they sleep a lot. I have a really hard time sitting still so I thought I would start up a hobby. While my new baby Hudson slept I began to teach myself how to crochet. Soon enough winter rolled around and I was on the search for an easy way to keep my little guy's feet warm. I made my first pair of crochet slippers which I was complimented on and continually asked where I had bought them. When I informed mothers that I had made them they told me I should start selling I took my first order and Huddy Buddies was started. A little bit about us My name is Mekaila and I am the creator of every pair of Huddy Buddies. I do it all from the bookkeeping, to the cutting and punching, to crocheting, packaging, shipping, and marketing. I am originally from B.C and moved to Alberta to get my Education degree from the University of Alberta. I met my husband Graham while in school. We have been together for 17 years now and have two amazing children. Hudson, my eldest, is super sweet, loving, funny and loves pokemon, lego and parkour. Delilah is our ambitious little redhead with a contagious smile and laugh. She loves good food, soccer, gymnastics, and skateboarding."