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Better Basics Milling 2.5kg bags

Better Basics Milling 2.5kg bags

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Every community use to have their own local flour mill. What changed?

Flour is no longer made for health but for the shelf. Industrialized mills use efficient high-speed steel rollers to produce shelf-stable flour in bulk, destroying much of the vitamins and minerals in the process. Ultimately, modern wheat and modern milling methods accommodate an extended supply chain so that your flour can sit in a warehouse, on a shelf, and in your cupboards for an unnaturally long time.

Fixing our flour means going back to basics.This is our promise to you:


We locally source organic & non-GMO wheat and stone-mill our flour the traditional way. Why? Because we don’t think food should be chemically altered, bleached, and sprayed with toxic pesticides.


Living flour that your body will love. We focus on delivering you fresh, traditionally stone-milled flour that is nutritionally superior. You won’t just taste the difference, you’ll feel the difference.

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