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Bespell & Co.

Bespell & Co Blessing Smudge Kit

Bespell & Co Blessing Smudge Kit

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If you're looking to manifest more blessings and bring good energy into your life, the Blessing Smudge Kit is exactly what you need. This kit puts all the goods in one place and simplifies the task of getting some serious positive vibes going. It has Clear Quartz, which is known to help with clarity and amplifying intentions; Palo Santo stick engraved with the word blessing, so you can literally surround yourself with all that's right in the world; Floral Sage Stick, which will fill your space with peaceful clearing smoke, and finally a gorgeous shell to catch all the embers so that when you smudge your space it looks just as beautiful as it feels. Get ready to be showered with good vibes every time you light up this Blessing Smudge Kit. Includes: • Floral sage • Clear Quartz • Engraved Palo Santo • Large Lions Paw Shell
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