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Liv Rocks

Liv Rocks - Floral + Eucalyptus + White Sage Bundle

Liv Rocks - Floral + Eucalyptus + White Sage Bundle

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For millennia, Indigenous cultures have prized white sage bundles for their powerful cleansing and healing properties. New Age rituals use the same time-honored traditions to cleanse people, objects, and spaces of lower-vibrational energies. Whether you’re clearing a space, improving your meditation practice, or observing a spiritual ceremony, sage bundles are an energy work mainstay. This beautiful White Sage Bundle is bound with yellow, blue, and pink rose petals, as well as eucalyptus leaves & purple foliage. A favorite! White Sage: Does away with negativity while promoting healing and wisdom. Rose Petals: Invites love, passion, peace, and harmony. Eucalyptus: Eases thoughts of regret or worry. Purple Foliage: Attracts love and positivity ABOUT LIV ROCKS Liv Rocks’ sage and wildflowers are sustainably grown on private land and carefully collected by hand. This ensures that the collection is imbued with Mother Nature’s energetic blessings for your rituals.
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