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Ritual:Wild - Ritual Smoke: Awaken Chakra Balancing Natural Herbal Incense

Ritual:Wild - Ritual Smoke: Awaken Chakra Balancing Natural Herbal Incense

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Awaken Ritual Smoke / Chakra Balancing Botanical Loose Incense Blend 2 oz reusable aluminum tin What is Botanical Incense? The practice of burning herbs, flowers, bark, resins and other plant parts for the aromatic smoke they release is a tradition that goes back to ancient times, across many different cultures. All-natural and hand blended in Canada in small batches, each Ritual Smoke is a carefully selected collection of botanical ingredients chosen for their fragrance and traditional uses. Burn on a charcoal disc to create long-lasting, flame-free heat for the herbs and resins to release their aroma in rich, fragrant smoke. Awaken, energize and balance the chakras with Ginger & Frankincense for the Root Chakra, Damiana for the Sacral Chakra, Lavender for the Heart and Crown Chakra, Chamomile for the Solar Plexus and Throat Chakras, Sandalwood for the Third Eye Chakra and a Genuine Clear Quartz Gemstone to amplify the energies of all the herbs in the blend.
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