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Saalt - Saalt Wear Wet Bag

Saalt - Saalt Wear Wet Bag

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Designed for the doers! Now you can easily change your Saalt Wear on the go with our Saalt Wear Go Bag. (And it's stylish, 'cause why not?) ;) Perfectly sized to fit in your purse, carry-on bag, or favorite tote, use this bag to keep a clean pair of Saalt Wear with you for that mid-day quick-change on a heavy flow day or to keep on hand when your period starts early. To carry home your used Saalt Wear, simply place it in the bag and rinse it out as soon you have access to a sink, as rinsing with cold water helps avoid staining. Squeeze out excess water before placing it in the bag to carry home for washing. Bon voyage! * Easy to clean * Water resistant lining * Stain resistant * Made from recycled PET fabric * Dimensions: 7”x9”
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