Collection: Nature Bee Beeswax wraps

Hi! My name is Katie and I'm the founder of Nature Bee! Nature Bee started as a small business out of my childhood home and has transformed to a full scale production with incredible staff. With locally sourced ingredients, all of our Beeswax Wraps are made in house by our team. Our wraps are a substitute for single use plastic and can be used to wrap and store various foods for on the go, or to keep in your fridge at home. With our custom options, we are fortunate to have been able to collaborate with so many amazing companies such as LUSH, Babybel, Dell, Coast Capital, Lazer, and more! We also expanded our product range. Born out of the idea that there is way too much plastic waste involved in keeping our homes clean, I knew there must be a more sustainable way to and so we began formulating the idea. We now offer dissolvable cleaning tablets for Foaming Hand Soap, Multi-Purpose Spray, and Bathroom Cleaner Spray as well as Kits that include Glass Bottles! Much more coming soon! My goal and passion is to provide others with a simple, natural and beautiful alternatives to single use plastics, encouraging others to reduce their consumption. I am extremely passionate about our Nature Bee community. We pride ourselves on creating a company that values sustainability, community, education and impact. We want to reduce plastic waste while supporting the people who support us! This has been such an incredible journey so far and I am so grateful!"