Collection: Rumina Naturals

A story of two Mamas – who over a cup of warm tea on a crisp Canadian morning – birthed an idea that would blossom into a passionate company, dedicated to helping families prepare for and welcome their new bundles of love. We are real Moms. We are real healthcare practitioners. We've been there (a few times!) and we hear your stories everyday in our practices. We've poured our hearts into our products so you can pour your heart into cuddling your newborn. Our thoughtfully crafted formulas are pure, natural and sourced with great care. Our great admiration for Mama Earth is reflected in each of our mindful products. We use only the best of the best. We have researched and refined our formulations to work fast. Rumina – the Roman goddess of breastfeeding and protector of nursing infants – inspires us to honour your journey down the magnificent path of Motherhood. Discover the peace of knowing you and your baby have the best nourishment, inside and out."