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GentleFlow+ 3oz glass bottle + Slow Flow Nipple

GentleFlow+ 3oz glass bottle + Slow Flow Nipple

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GentleFlow+ Glass Baby Bottle - Perfect Size, Shape and Flow for Breastfed Babies

Introducing our Glass Baby Bottle, thoughtfully designed to cater to the unique feeding needs of breastfed and combo-fed infants while also being kind to the planet. 3oz, our bottles are a testament to our commitment to providing the best for your little one and for the environment.

Sizes Designed with Care

We understand that breastfed babies have specific feeding requirements. In the first month of life, breastfed infants typically consume around 1-3 ounces per feeding. As they grow, this amount gradually increases, but rarely exceeds 5-6 ounces beyond the initial month. Our bottle sizes reflect this understanding, providing you with the optimal 3oz and 6oz options that align with your baby's natural feeding patterns.


Preventing Overfeeding and Breast Refusal

Overfeeding can be a concern when transitioning between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Babies who are fed larger volumes from a bottle than they are used to from the breast might experience discomfort and could be at risk of rejecting the breast altogether. Our smaller bottle sizes help mitigate this issue by encouraging controlled feeding volumes that mimic breastfeeding more closely.


Super Slow Flow Nipple (SS) for Seamless Transition

We believe in providing a seamless transition between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. All our bottles come equipped with a super slow flow nipple (SS) that ensures a gentle and gradual milk flow, akin to breastfeeding. This design choice prevents flow preference, a common issue that can lead to babies refusing the breast due to a preference for faster flow from a bottle


Planet-Friendly Glass Material

Our commitment to your baby's well-being goes hand in hand with our dedication to the environment. Our Glass Baby Bottles are made from high-quality glass, a durable and eco-friendly material that ensures safety and hygiene for your baby while also reducing plastic waste.

Features at a Glance:

  • Glass baby bottle available in 3oz sizes
    Carefully chosen sizes based on breastfed infants' natural feeding patterns
    Designed to prevent overfeeding and reduce the risk of breast refusal
    Super Slow Flow (SS) nipple included to encourage natural feeding pace
    High-quality, durable glass material for safety, hygiene, and sustainability
    Easy-to-read volume markings for accurate measurements
    Secure, leak-proof design to ensure mess-free feeding

At LactationHub, we prioritize your baby's well-being and comfort, while also showing our dedication to a greener future. Our Glass Baby Bottle is a testament to our commitment to providing products that support both breastfeeding and bottle feeding journeys, all while being mindful of the planet we share. Choose the bottle that respects your baby and the environment.


Care and Cleaning:

1. Sterilize once upon opening: Fill a pot with enough water to submerge contents, bring water to a boil and boil for 3 minutes.

   -Avoid routine sterilization when possible, this will further degrade the materials and may require more frequent replacement of pieces

  -Do not use any counter-top sterilizing devices or dishwasher setting

2. Routine washing: Fill a basin with hot water and MILD dishwashing soap. Using a silicone bottle brush wash bottles with MILD dishwashing soap by hand.

  -The heat settings and soap used in a dishwasher can cause further degradation of materials, not recommended, please wash by hand!


Due to the Environmentally Friendly Lead-Free Ink used for our bottles, they do require a more delicate washing routine!


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